Emmanuel Mudiay gets $1.2 million contract to play one year in China with Yi Jianlian’s team

Class of 2014 star Emmanuel Mudiay has reached an agreement in principle with the Guangdong Southern Tigers of the China Basketball Association on a one-year deal that will pay him a total of $1.2 million, a source confirmed to CBSSports.com on Tuesday.

This development, earlier reported by Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski, comes a week after Mudiay announced he’s skipping college in favor of a contract overseas that would help alleviate some of his mother’s financial concerns. Clearly, this deal makes that possible.

But multiple sources told CBSSports.com that Mudiay’s actual motivation for bypassing a year in the AAC is rooted in the fact that he was facing eligibility concerns — both amatuerism concerns and eligibility concerns — and that the odds of the 6-foot-5 guard ever being cleared for freshman eligibility were slim, at best, mostly because he spent two years at Prime Prep Academy, which a source told CBSSports.com has never actually had a class accepted by the NCAA for the purposes of initial eligibilty.

Mudiay is projected as a consensus top-10 pick in the 2015 NBA Draft.

Former Texas standout Royal Ivey played for the Southern Tigers last season.

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Guangdong beat Fujian 113-92 CCTV News – CNTV English


Video Highlights

Guangdong hosted Fujian in the 9th round. The South Tigers, still unbeaten this season, looking to extend that record.

The match was billed as Yi Jianlian versus Wang Zhelin, the battle between the two generations of centers.

But Yi Jianlian totally outplayed Wang in the game, helping his team with a 7-0 run early in the game.

And Yi would then continue with this slam dunk. He finished with 26 points and 10 rebounds in the game, while Wang Zhelin managed just 15 points and 10 rebounds.

But Delonte West would lead Fujian\’s comeback, as they ended the first quarter with a three point advantage.

Midway through the third, and it\’s that man again, Yi Jianlian, to put Guangdong up by five.

And Joshua Powell would follow with another slam, as Guangdong extended the lead to 7.

And Guangdong would go on to win the match 113-92, meaning they\’re still unbeaten this season, with six players scoring double digits in the match.

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Yi Jianlian Guangdong trounces Sichuan in CBA opener

Yi Jianlian (right) battles for a rebound during Guangdong Southern Tigers\’ game against Sichuan Blue Whales on Friday in Shenzhen. Photo: CFP

The 2013-14 season opener of Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) saw the defending champion Guangdong Southern Tigers thrash the Sichuan Blue Whales on Friday 120-67 in Shenzhen, South China\’s Guangdong Province.

The 53-point victory margin surpassed the previous record at the CBA season openers which was set by Bayi in 1997 when they routed the Zhejiang team 103-63.

Sichuan was promoted to the CBA in September after taking the top spot in the second-tier basketball league, the National Basketball League, 15 years after their last appearance in the CBA.

Zhou Shiqiang, president of Sichuan team, even offered a bonus of 500,000 yuan ($82,100) for the underdogs before the match if they could hold the margin to within 15 points, according to Chengdu-based Tianfu Morning Post on Friday.

Guangdong\’s forward Zhou Peng produced the game high of 26 points. Star center Yi Jianlian added 10 points and 10 rebounds for the hosts, while former Los Angeles Lakers player Josh Powell contributed 12 points and seven rebounds to Guangdong\’s win.

Sichuan\’s marquee player Hamed Haddadi\’s absence was considered the key to Sichuan team\’s big loss, as Guangdong\’s executive coach Jonas Kazlauskas told the post-match conference that if Haddadi had played, everything would have been different.

The 2.18-meter Iranian center injured his ankle during Sichuan\’s preseason match against the Liaoning Flying Leopards on October 27.

\”I think my side did well today, especially in defending when we had a big lead. My players didn\’t get distracted, except during the first quarter,\” said the Lithuanian coach.

Sichuan held Guangdong close in the first quarter. While Wang Shipeng led Guangdong to a 13-5 run at the beginning, Sichuan\’s 8-0 run overturned the lead to 13-14 after Judas Prada called a timeout. But the newcomers failed to hold the lead and didn\’t take the lead again during the match.

The first quarter ended at 23-17. Yi only scored six points but had three faults.

Sichuan was overwhelmed by Guangdong\’s counter­attack which resulted in their loss to the eight-time CBA champions.­

Du Feng, head coach of Guangdong, was impressed by 22-year-old shooting guard Khalif Wyatt, who scored 16 points and had three assists, rather than Powell.

\”He had a good understanding of the game, it is not easy for such a young player.\”

\”Powell\’s performance didn\’t reach my satisfaction at the beginning, but he started to find his range in the second half,\” Du said.

\”This is the first game, finding the problems early is good for us.\”

Yi also offered advice for the Sichuan team after the match, saying, \”It\’s a big challenge for Sichuan being new in the CBA. They need to progress both tactically and physically. They need time to learn and to experience.\”

\”It\’s been 10 years since I first met with him (Haddadi­). I hope he can recover soon and help Sichuan,\” Yi said.

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Yi Jianlian unstoppable as Guangdong beat Shandong again in CBA Finals


DONGDUAN, Guangdong Province, March 24 (Xinhua) – Yi Jianlian shone in the first half with 22 points and nine rebounds to steer Guangdong Hongyuan to a 93-82 win over Shandong Gold in Game 2 of the Chinese Association league (CBA) finals here on Sunday.

Guangdong Hongyuan, which rallied to beat Shandong Gold 88-81 on Friday in Game 1, are now within two victories from their eighth CBA title.

Although no team could overcome a 2-0 deficit in the finals to win the championship in the league’s 18-year franchise history, Yi refused to get carried away.

“We should never think about that (a 2-0 lead). If we take it for granted, such a detail may change the results. What we need to do is to have a good rest and fully prepare for the next game,” said the 25-year-old power forward.

Yi paced the team with 26 points and 11 rebounds. Teammate Wang Shipeng and Donald Sloan helped with 14 points and 10 points respectively.

Shandong opened the game with a 3-pointer from Sui Ran, but Yi soon delighted the home fans with two spectacular slam dunks and six points in a row. Guangdong built a 21-15 lead after the first period…

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Yi Jianlian is CBA MVP but now back to business in the CBA playoffs

The party is over, now it’s time to get down to business.

After having a well-earned break at the CBA’s All-Star gala on Sunday, the league’s top players have to switch their attention to this year’s playoffs, which are hard to predict.

“The real competition starts from now on and everybody will become serious going into the first game of the postseason. No more fun times from tonight,” Guangdong Southern Tigers forward Yi Jianlian said after winning the All-Star MVP award on Sunday.

The perennial storyline has been who can challenge Guangdong’s dominance, but this year’s postseason boasts an open field with any of the top four teams capable of winning it all through balanced rosters.

“We have to prepare for every opponent. No one will be easy in the playoffs,” said Yi, who returned to the CBA this season after a five-year stint in the NBA.

For Yi and the Tigers, revenge for last year’s Finals loss to the Beijing Ducks would provide a perfect ending, but first they have to survive their first-round clash against the Zhejiang Golden Bulls.

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Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhizhi, Wang Zhelin among players in the CBA All-Star game

Players for Northern All Stars
Centre: Han Dejun 786,613 votes
Power Forward: Li Xiaoxu 589,854 votes
Small Forward: Tracy McGrady 2,218,388 votes
Shooting Guard: Guo Ailun 926, 534 votes
Point Guard: Stephon Marbury 1,230,561 votes.

Xirelijiang (Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers)
Tang Zhengdong (Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers)
Zhong Cheng (Jilin Northeastern Tigers)
Duan Jiangpeng (Shanxi Fenjiu Zhongyu)
Pooh Jeter (Shandong Kingston Lions)
Ding Yanyuhang (Shandong Kingston Lions)
Li Gen (Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks)

Players for Southern All Stars

Centre: Wang Zhizhi 885,630 votes
Power Forward: Yi Jianlian 1,559,634 votes
Small Forward: Yi Li 766,663 votes
Shooting Guard: Quincy Douby 987,536 votes
Point Guard: Liu Wei 768,563 votes

Ding Jinhui (Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank)
Marcus Haislip (Dongguan New Century Leopards)
Wang Shipeng (Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers)
Zhu Fangyu (Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers)
Han Shuo (Bayi Rockets)
Lin Chih-chieh (Zhejiang Guangsha Lions)
Wang Zhelin (Fujian SBS Xunxin)

The Skills Challenge

Zeng Lingxu (Foshan Draglions)
Liu Xiaoyu (Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers)
Han Shuo (Bayi Rockets)
Guo ailun (Liaoning Jiebao) Defending Champion

The 3-pointer Shooting Contest

Marcus Haislip (Dongguan New Century Leopards)
Xirelijiang (Xinjiang Guanghui Flying Tigers)
Michel Maadanly (Foshan Draglions)
Qunicy Douby (Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank)
Zhao Yonggang (Qingdao Double Star Eagles)
Zhu Yanxi (Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks) Defending Champion

The Dunking Contest

Tian Guisen (Shanxi Fenjiu Zhongyu)
Zhai Xiaochuan (Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks)
Chang Lin (Beijing Jinyu Capital Steel Ducks)
Su Ruoyu (Zhejiang Guangsha Lions)
Gao Shang (Guangdong Dongguan Bank Hongyuan Tigers)
Zhai Yi (Shanghai MAXXIS Sharks)