Basketball Players

Current NBA Players

Jeremy Lin (Chinese/Taiwanese) – 6’3″ 200lbs. Point Guard (posts)
2006-2010 NCAA-Harvard, Palo Alto High School
2010-present NBA-Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, Houston Rockets

Played in NBA

Yi Jianlian (Chinese) – 7’0″ 250lbs Power Forward 1st Rnd #6 draft pick (posts)
2007-2012 NBA-Dallas Mavericks, Washington Wizards, NJ Nets, Milwaukee Bucks
2002-present CBA-Guandong Southern Tigers, China NT

Sun Yue (Chinese) – 6’9″ 205lbs Point Guard [NBA 2nd Rnd draft pick]
2008-2009 NBA-Los Angeles Lakers
2003-present ABA/CBA-Beijing Olympians, China NT

Ha Seung Jin (Korean) – 7’3″ 305lbs Center [NBA 2nd Rnd draft pick]
2004-2006 NBA-Portland TrailBlazers
2009-present KBL-Jeonju KCC Egis, S.Korean NT

Wang Zhizhi (Chinese) – 7’0″ 275lbs Center [NBA 2nd Rnd draft pick]
2001-2005 NBA-Dallas Mavericks, LA Clippers, Miami Heat
1995-present CBA-Bayi Rockets, China NT

Mengke Bateer (Chinese/Mongolian) – 6’11” 300lbs Center
2002-2004 NBA-Denver Nuggets, San Antonio Spurs
1997-present CBA-Beijing Ducks, Xinjiang Tigers, China NT

Yuta Tabuse (Japanese) – 5’9″ 160lbs Point Guard
2004 NBA-Phoenix Suns, Summer League: Nuggets, Mavs, Clippers, Nets
2003-present JBL-Link Tochigi Brex, Japan NT

Retired Players

Yao Ming (Chinese) – 7’6″ 310lbs Center [NBA #1 Overall draft pick] (posts)
2002-2010 NBA-Houston Rockets
1997-2002 CBA-Shanghai Sharks, China NT

Rex Walters (White, Japanese) – 6’4″ 190lbs Point Guard [NBA 1st round draft #16]
1993-2000 NBA-New Jersey Nets, Philadelphia 76ers, Miami Heat
1991-1993 NCAA-Kansas

Wataru Misaka (Japanese) – 5’7″ 150lbs Point Guard [1947 NBA draft]
1947-1948 NBA-New York Knicks
1943-1947 NCAA-Utah

Past NBA Prospects

Kosuke Takeuchi (Japanese) – 6’9″ 220lbs Power Forward
2010 NBA Summer League-Minnesota Timberwolves
2008-present JBL-Aisin Seahorses, Japan NT

Sung-Yoon Bang (Korean) – 6’5″ 190lbs Shooting Guard
2004,2008 NBDL-Roanoke Dazzle, Reno Bighorns
2009-present KBL, S.Korean NT

Zhang Kai (Chinese) – 6’11” 210lbs Center
2008 NBA Summer League-Sacramento Kings
2005-present CBA-Dongguan Leopards, China NT

Liu Wei (Chinese) – 6’3″ 200lbs Point Guard
2004 NBA Summer League-Sacramento Kings
1997-present CBA-Shanghai Sharks, China NT

Xue YuYang (Chinese) – 6’11” 265lbs Power Forward
2003 NBA Draft Pick #57 by Denver Nuggets
2002-present CBA-Hong Kong Flying Dragons, Xinjiang Flying Tigers

Sean “Hsin-An” Chen (Taiwanese) – 6’5″ 200lbs Shooting Guard
2002 NBA Summer League-Sacramento Kings
1999-present TBL-Yulon Dinos, ABA, CBA-Dongguan Leopards, Taiwan NT

Ma Jian (Chinese) – 6’5″ 200lbs Shooting Guard
1995 NBA Preseason-Los Angeles Clippers
1993-1995 NCAA-Utah Utes

Played in NCAA or other USA Leagues

Ted Wang (Chinese) – 7’0″ 215lbs Center
2010-present NCAA-Texas A&M at Corpus Christi

Sabatino Chen (Chinese, white) – 6’3″ 180lbs Guard
2008-present NCAA-Colorado

Sim Bhullar (Indian Canadian) – 7’5″ 360lbs Center
2011-present NCAA-New Mexico State

Sun “Grant” HuFeng (Chinese) – 6’8″ 225lbs Small Forward
2011-present NCAA-Fresno State

Tyler Sugiyama (Japanese) – 5’10” 150lbs Point Guard
2009-present NCAA-USC

Jet “Tsung-hsien” Chang (Taiwanese) – 6’4″ 180lbs Shooting Guard
2009-2011 NCAA-BYU Hawaii
2010-present Taiwan NT

Max “Zhaoxu” Zhang (Chinese) – 7’4″ 235lbs Center
2007-2010 NCAA-California
2010-present CBA-Shanghai Sharks

Sun Ming Ming (Chinese) – 7’9″ 370lbs Center
2006-2009 USBL-Dodge City, ABA-Maryland, Grand Rapids, LNBP-Fuerza Regia
2009-present CBA-Beijing Ducks

Jin Soo Kim/Choi (Korean) – 6’8″ 195lbs Small Forward
2007-2010 NCAA-Maryland
2011-present KBL-Orion

Lin Chang (Chinese) – 6’9″ 250lbs Power Forward
2009-2010 NCAA-Long Beach

Taishi Ito (Japanese) – 6’0″ 180lbs Point Guard
2006-2010 NCAA-Portland

Keijuro Matsui (Japanese) – 6’2″ 180lbs Point Guard
2005-2009 NCAA-Columbia
2010-present JBL-Toyota

Ji Xiang (Chinese) – 6’10” 220lbs Power Forward
2008-2009 NCAA-Hawaii

Shang Ping (Chinese) – 6’10” 230lbs Power Forward
2008-2009 NCAA-Nebraska

Cai Chen (Chinese) – 6’8″ 245lbs Power Forward
2008-2010 Maranatha Christian Highschool, San Diego
2011-present CBA

Tai-Hao Wu (Taiwanese) – 6’8″ 220lbs Power Forward
2006-2007 NCAA-BYU at Hawaii
2008-present SBL-Taiwan Beer

Aaron Xia (Chinese) – 6’8″ 245lbs Power Forward
2003-2005 NCAA-Citadel

Larry Tieu (Vietnamese, Chinese) – 6’3″ 195lbs Guard
1999-2003 NCAA-College of the Atlantic Los Angeles

Shawn Liao (Chinese) – 5’7″ Point Guard
1996-1998 Spain, Mexico
1993-1996 NCAA-Long Island University

Fong Sung (Chinese) – 6’11” Center
1993-1995 NCAA-University of San Francisco

Conant Chu (Taiwanese) – 6’0″ Point Guard
1990-1994 NCAA-University of California at Davis

Tony Ling (Chinese) – 6’0″ 170lbs Point Guard
1993 NCAA-Northwestern

Richard Chang (Chinese) – 6’7″ Forward
1984-1988 NCAA-University of California at Berkeley

Willie Wong (Chinese) – 5’5″ Point Guard
1944-1948 NCAA-University San Francisco

Future NBA Prospects

Li Muhao (Chinese) – Dongguan
Wang Zhelin (Chinese) – China U19
Guo Ailun (Chinese) – CBA Lioning
Zhou Qi (Chinese) – China U16
Duan JiangPeng (Chinese) – CBA Shanxi
Narito Namizato (Japanese)


Sui Feifei (Chinese) – 6’1″ Small Forward
2005-2006 WNBA-Sacramento Monarchs

Miao Lijie (Chinese) – 5’10” Point Guard
2005-2006 WNBA-Sacramento Monarchs
1996-2008 China Womens National Team

Lindsey Yamasaki (Japanese, white) – 6’2″ Forward
2002-2006 WNBA-Miami Sol, NY Liberty;NWBL-San Jose
1998-2002 NCAA-Stanford

Zheng Haixia (Chinese) – 6’8″ Center
1997-1998 WNBA-Los Angeles Sparks
1983-1996 China Womens National Team

43 thoughts on “Basketball Players

  1. Dear Friend,
    This is quite interesting. Composing information of all Asian basketball players who played in American is really difficult. They are many from Middle East that we don’t even pay attention. Not to mention there are so many playing in the D-II, D-III, and NAIA level. Anyway, on top of my mind, I think you have left out some of the following players. See if you would like to google them for more detailed information.

    Arsalan Kazemi from Rice (he is not from Far East, but he is probably the best one among this list); he also has a teammate from Beirut
    Who is the Philippine player played for the Western Kentucky?
    Eric Shang (Shang Ping): played in Nebraska for a year.
    Sung Fang: played for University of San Francisco for two years long time ago
    Aaron Xia: played for Citadel for at least two seasons.
    Tony Ling: A walk on for Northwestern long time ago
    A Japanese player who played at Cal State LA

    I forgot the name of the female Taiwanese player who played at St. Mary’s College. She was a member of Cathay. Is her name Chung Yi-chuan?
    A Japanese lady who played at Evansville before.
    Of course, don’t forget Ma Li-na of St. John’s as well.

    Thanks so much for your zealous effort for putting up this site.

  2. Thank you for this valuable information. I will definitely add these players to the list. As you know, there is a lack of asian athletes in the american sports scene… perhaps due to cultural upbringing or stereotypes. My goal is to recognize the accomplishments of every possible asian athlete. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

  3. Pingback: Jeremy Lin plays in first game as a New York Knick « Asian Athletes Blog

  4. This is amazing! Thanks so much for putting up so much effort to compose this list. I think I can still contribute a few more names.
    Approximately in 1996, UC Irvine had a walk on player named Brandon Chang (??), you may want to check the old media guide for his last name. He was from Northern California.
    In 1990s, UCI’s women’s team also had two Asian female players, Kim and Chand (??). They were players during the tenure of Coach Colleen Matsuhara.


    Dartmouth recruited an Asian combo guard, Sofia Roman, for next season. Check out her ESPN evaluation and game highlights below.

    Princeton recruited an Asian (actually half Asian) shooting guard/wing player, Michelle Miller, for next season. Click on the links below for Michelle’s ESPN evaluation and game highlights.

  6. There are a few high school Chinese players who are playing well, Chris Tang 6-3 Class of 2014 guard at Hampton Roads Academy in Virginia, and I also seen 2 Chinese players at Atlantic Shores Christian School in Chesapeake Virginia, 6-8 forward Daniel He class of 2013, 6-4 guard Ray Shou class of 2014…all 3 should play in the NCAA

  7. Tao Xu is a 7 foot freshmen from China committed to play at USF under Rex Walters as well. Taiwanese American Jay Wey played at USF too. I saw him play against top ranked St.Mary’s and held his own

  8. Two more basketball players from USC – one woman and one man
    Jamie Hagiya – USC Point Guard – 2003 to 2007 – Pro in Greece and Spain
    Ed Chang – USC Walk-on – 2002 to 2005

  9. Matthew Wright of St. Bonaventure (6’4″ SG) should be in the list. He played for the Philippines in the 2008 FIBA-Asia U-18 tournament.

    Other players of Filipino origin currently in the NCAA include:

    Maverick Ahanmisi (Filipino-Nigerian) – 6’0″ PG
    NCAA – University of Minnesota

    Stephen Holt (Filipino-American) – 6’4″ PG
    NCAA – Saint Mary’s College

    Jordan Brickman (White, Filipino) – 6’0″ PG
    NCAA – Long Island University

    Aaron Craft (White, Filipino) – 6’4″ PG
    NCAA – Ohio State University

    Christian Standhardinger – 6’8″ SF
    NCAA – University of Hawai’i

    Jace Tavita – 6’4″ PG
    NCAA – University of Hawai’i

    A former NBA player, Raymond Marella Townsend, is also Filipino-American. He played for the Golden State Warriors some time in the 1970s.

    • You should not forget the PBA Hall of Famer, “The Quick Brown Fox”, Ricardo Brown who was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 1979.

      Japeth Aguilar also worked out with the New Orleans Hornets and was drafted by the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBA D-League but was cut before the start of the tournament in 2012.

  10. If anyone knows of the current status (back in China now I believe), after Long Beach State NCAA play thru 2010, of Lin Chang power forward I’d love to know. He was a foreign exchange student with our family in the USA and we’d like to keep in touch and follow his record. Thanks

  11. I found this blog by accident but I’m glad I did. Looking for Asian badsketball players playing college. Here in So Cal there’s a whole bunch of them playing for Chapman University in Orange. Taylor Hamasaki (full JA) is a sophomore starting point guard/tri-captain. he was second on the team in scoring and led the team in assists. Twins Jordan (6′ 4 shooting guard) and Justin Young (6′ 4 forward both full Chinese-American) are also sophomores that also started. Senior and tri-captain Takeshi Clifford (half-JA)was also a starter (that makes FOUR Asians) and he has a brother, 7’0 Conor, freshman at UC Irvine. Junior Brendan Rider (half-JA) is form Northern Ca. and the back up point guard. The main players on the Chapman team were sophomores, thus experienced growing pains. Watch out for this team next year! Chapman is a NCAA D3 team who plays in the SCIAC conference.

  12. I am the Head Asst. Men’s Basketball Coach in charge of Recruiting at Oxford College of Emory University and would be very interested in high academic Asian Boys Varsity High School players… 2014’s at present. We just signed a 2013 Chinese player that competed at a CT Prep School. Please complete our Prospective Student Athlete Form at if interested. Minimum academics: 3.5 GPA/ 25 ACT or 1700 SAT. Thanx for your site.

    • check out the players of ateneo de manila high school and the other member schools of the university athletic association of the philippines and the national collegiate athletic association of the philippines. some of the member schools are some of the best high schools in the philippines in terms of academics and basketball programs. if you have not heard of basketball in the philippines please read the book the pacific rims: beermen ballin’ in flipflops so you will have an idea of the kind of players that you can get from here. unfortunately, you might have to be the one to get in touch with them since there are a lot of basketball programs here that these young players can get to in the future that’s why very few of them look for schools abroad where they can play.

  13. I seldom leave comments, however i did some searching
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  14. I am a FIBA certified basketball agent who has been looking for Japanese-American talents.
    We Norton Sports Management have placed successful basketball players in NBL and BJ league of Japan and would love to help Japanese-American athletes excel at the higher level of competitions.
    Please let me know if you know any collegiate level athletes who have Japanese passports.

  15. Mr. Iwano, I know a few players who might fit your description.
    Please tell me more about your organization and what do you mean by a “Japanese passport”.
    Thank you,
    Vincent Hamasaki

  16. Dear Mr. Hamasaki,
    Thank you for your message.
    Please check the link below to find out more about my Bio and Norton Sports Management.

    We place players in NBA, Europe and Asian countries.

    An international player who has a Japanese passport can play as a Japanese in pro-leagues in Japan.
    Players with Japanese heritage who have competed in the States tend to be better athletes than Japanese players most of times.
    (If you don’t have a Japanese passport, you will need to play as an import and your competition will be against ex-NBA or D-league players)
    Therefore, a US player who has a Japanese passport has advantages.
    Please feel free to ask me if you have further questions.
    Thank you very much.

    Kenji Iwano

  17. I’m seriously influenced with all your way with words-at all and in addition using the composition on your own web site. Are these claims your compensated topic or even can you transform the item yourself? In any case sustain great premium quality composing, it’s extraordinary to seem an awesome website exactly like it presently.

  18. Cindy Edamura was a starting point guard for the University of Oregon Women’s basketball team for 3 straight years (and they went to the NCAA tournament all 3 year).

  19. Love your post. Here are some past and current Asian College players that played College ball in the Northeast that maybe you can add to your list.
    James Wang – Sydney, Australia. guard- played at Williams College, MA (class of 2013; earned All-American honor 2012, currently playing pro ball in Taiwan.)
    Joseph Lin – Palo Alto,CA. guard – Hamilton College, NY. (class of 2016, brother Jeremy Lin).
    Michael Pang from Warren,NJ. guard – Babson College, MA. (class of 2017).
    Ethan Lee from Chicago, Ill. guard – Swarthmore College, PA. (class of 2016).
    Ryan Tana from Belmont, CA – New York Univ., New York (class of 2014)

  20. Filipino-American NBA 2014 Wizards draftee Jordan Clarkson has been acquired by the LA Lakers. “Clarkson, whose mother Annette is Filipino, is the first player of Filipino lineage drafted in the NBA since Raymond Townsend in 1978 and Ricardo Brown in 1979.”

    “I’m a part-Filipino and I’m looking to be the first or one of the Filipino-Americans to play in the NBA. I know the country is backing me up. I hope I will be able to visit them in the future,” the 22-year-old said in an interview with Slam Online two weeks ago.

  21. hello,my name is Kareem Age 19 years old i,m basketball player from Nigeria height 6″2 position point guard.i am a very good basketball player i have play many competition i have attend many camps here in Nigeria i am looking for opportunity to come over and play in your team thanks i am looking foreword to hear back from is my video skills if you like to watch me playing here is the link copy it..

  22. Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is a very well written article.
    I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful info.

    Thanks for the post. I will certainly return.

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